Aurora Paralysis
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Sometimesneveralmostalways, 7.5/10
In the Morning After Noon, 4.5/10
Aurora Paralysis [band]: 5 song EP, 7.5/10
Everything Eats a Squirrel: Flowers of Chaos, 5.5/10
Her Love Filled the Room: Love, Hate & Dignity, 6.5/10
HLFTR: Grady Lives on Planet Grady EP, 6.5/10
Sigh Dog Sigh: Thing 1 & Thing 2 cassette single, 5.5/10
HLFTR: The Three Spirits, 7/10
HLFTR: Like a Bug, 8/10

The emergence to us "Bloo Tape" under pashdawn Aural Palaces (grace street apt). It is the simple word, "the friend," proinvestirovany with achingly beautifuller, even if absolutely foreign, the sensibility (very represents Ben Marcus with the heart [stans pretension]). From the "Song of the Bubble," more subsequently it will emerge like completely jumped single, shining kasat etsya to me: "it seems that distinguishes telefonnyya the call and there will be to align October festivity dramatically" !
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An initial cassette project of Frances Simmons (music scene Richmond, Virginia), Sometimesneveralmostalways makes its impact still as represented on Rhino's Roots of Emo set (tho' more accurately "dreampop," skirting edges of Red House Painters, of Shannon Wright).  Songwriting is champion (nine originals, two of blue painter Bryan Richardson, close with a cover of the B-side to "the Boy with the Thorn in His Side").

"The Messenger," a premature publication what will become its first "blowing," has its enchantments (The Scaley Andrew was Mr. Andrew Beaujon [Eggs] and Marks Nelson [Labradford, Panamerjkanjko]).  And Juan Rickman, more ahead redoblante of dawns, appears of a way of rodjni of films.  

In the Morning Afternoon represents a noticeable backward-stepping in songcraft.  Sometimes shrill and rarely focused, it manages still to create a compelling history that will be collapsed into projects of future days: "A Saucerful of Simmons (Three Different Ones)."  

"Alternatively soothing and disquieting, as nightmares when you tries to sleep in a couch badly." -- Microphone Gangloff, Resume of Indie-Listed

The steamwhistle of household duties is the possibility of coming from the pen of Frances oneself (or her afterwards midnight walk with the waterdrop her word it carved...).  The Hudgins, for example, the energy which is devoting with the industrialesque compared to - and sound of - "the prXX five mathematics rock."  

Aurora Paralysis, the band, cut the notoriously unofficial 5 Song EP ('cause that's what it is...).  Collects the singles plus the lovely instrumental, "Porpoise," featuring Scott Hudgins (who, with Paralysis drummer Erik Grotz, makes contemporary information a.p.o. Tulsa Drone).  A professional studio treatment and a crack band works wonders (though their time on this earth was but a fraction of that of their better known peers [Pitchblende, et al]).  On bass add Sean Harris (Butterglove, Kepone).  On lyrical force add D.W. "Danny" Conner, author of AP's greatest hit "Borrow My Body."  Unreleased and, perhaps, unrecorded are his equally fine "Simple Things" and "Triple Crown."

[missing years]
We have expressed weird partner T.R.O.Y. (mainly) the guitar and Frances who sings the constitution of T.R.O.Y.  Denny the sound "Sandy" naught Martin waiting the god Hell where she who has had sexual intercourse bleeds concerning at looking "the strangely small bunny" swear between everything which conveys the line.  

In his love that filled Grady the rooms single (2001) from 1993.  These files include the pipes striking, the pipes that flow ("music of rooms") and Rafael as last that tragoyda' the impact.  Future biografery will mark that Frances determined this moment with Charlie Chaplin in the volume makes the opinion of spaceman imaginations that is old - .vremeni Bowie as small institutions of city !


Nearly _ months after their legendary collaboration on the ill-fated Eeyore Power Tool project, Eerie Materials co-founder Troy Fiscella and Frances teamed up again as Everything Eats a Squirrel for this Flowers of Chaos release. The album (a cassette, actually) is, in essence, really a T.R.O.Y. album, full of his dense, complex songwriting and lush orchestrations, while featuring Frances Simmons on vocals. The album's title refers to the sun-drenched, idealized paintings that grace wooden fruit crates, and its theme is a nostalgic view of the history of California.

Her singing here, it is completely without affect (see Claudia Gonson).  Easily her strongest vocal effort.

 [Lovin a-hate]
In a puff of activity, which by a dexterity for zelf-hypnose are sparkled, she started a-bringing to the world song cycle such as the tapestry of Carole King's: love will fill come, hatred & dignity by its love the room.  "Betty green onion Rang and the Billy light"; it does not kick hard.  With the large candle unit sliding, when supplying, with lyrical Korean verse, tilts the ear which faces each other.  Inside investigation which puts out the hazard light to Daniel Arizona inside mind (probably "uncluttered stairway" there was...).

Essentially solo efforts following _ years of inactivity released under/as "Her Love Filled the Room."  Initial product, drenched in infrared, arrives at New Age shops or anyplace the more baroque manifestations of emo refuse to die as Love, Hate & Dignity.  Difficult-to-surmount hurdles include singing trouble, trouble with some - tho' not all - her instruments, and a less-than-consistent mix.  In short, it would've made one helluva Demo.  Songwriting and arrangements are, generally, top-notch ... a fact that makes this particular "bag" all the more frustrating.  "Directions in Acoustigoth," LH&D had the potential to rival such classics as Ocean Beach or, fer fuxache, Led Zeppelin III.  

Meanwhile, posterior with the ranch, a brief turn of Frances in a dilemma not dissimilar to what carried out to the dismantling of the paralysis of dawn.  In the course of exploration, she followed the low-line Song of Patsy on the Plan and, by windfall accident (pure),  commuted with "vibraphone" mode.  The results daze.  Boston's southern Maryland below Waldorf  "Bruno" (colon on the column, Katch gauranteed), a musician which receives it carried out in Rashied style, worked freely in collaboration on these pair of incursions.

Grady Lives on Planet Grady, a mad chart-topper in the Spring of '02, marked a reeling-in of the personal: a moody instrumental featuring the subtleties of dobro master Dobie Toms.  And fluffing out this 4 song EP is Middle Virginia beat poet Rafael Lorenzo on guitar and candles.  

Falling up the stairs to further, more refined Abstract is the cassette single Thing 1 & Thing 2 under projekt name "Sigh Dog Sigh."  It ain't Pete Brotzmann's Die Like a Dog, but - geez louise - what is?

It saw Horses"? ; cows of characteristics, a support horse-drawn clanky and preaching by districts of expense of faculty C.S of Bible (above right, stopping him [proi]4[stameno] in the shame). "? ; October"? ; - without the personal lyric drama and phone - does this come l'? outta right Witchita with Bruce Bixby as the Greek drachmas David… attaché from the "? au delà de Tim Buckley'? ; "? ; s? Song in Siren"? ; ($[L]* cf. Dan'? ; the iron? "? ; his? ; Rest in Last"? ;). Despite the innumerable treatments from other artists, this n'? is no rich [basismenoi] in the context doubt and the [ypodilotiki] place the song has been presented never.

The Cormac McGothy Three Spirits finds our heroine at her most assimilative and moving twards top thematic recycling champion (cf, Pink Floyd, John Fahey).  Or as My Life in the Bush of Ghosts meets Green Acres (listen for Bible college drop-out C.S. Barrios as the Rev. Paul Morton).  And like the Beach Boys' Holland LP, it's one of those things you aren't quite sure how to take, but every-so-often can't help but admire.  A collapse of Aurora history, this disc is a determined traipse across Time and Space (it can also be a trying document to absorb, beside a-which Mt Vernon and Fairway can seem like so.much "Dancing Queen"...)

Bugbrella ("in a position to being the dead women of me")
...thus what' s that gradice? Like young person that grows in on reading the cold buckets of the cliff, I was saying constantly that a part goodly of the Beatles' the happened one could have been 
attributed to their ability to " it stirs it up" on their egg whites, joining the fast one, the slow one; this, that one; the x, Y. With those said, Frances really regards all the way of the territory without to emit a single word. In the hell where has the large monastery road, Handel' Think; Music (the ingredient whose Cabala fanciers are dominative 
from here blows 8th song of Solomon chapter…). In compliance with supplies water, from here second level Frances' Justice ends; Musical travel.

Like a Bug, in execution and singleness of Mind, is even more pure a product than Virginia Astley's From Gardens Where We Feel Secure.  As such, we would be on safer ground considering the extendier compositions of John Fahey.  Conceptually, the breadcrumb trail leads back to another Richmond personality, Ms Nathena Mullins, who plotted - but did not record - a piano based "opry" working-titled Dot Commer (and *this* record, with its initial run of three, is only Slightly more available...).





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